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Ramirez Accounting Service LLC is a family-owned business that has offered bookkeeping and tax services for individuals and private businesses since 2001. Whether you are an individual, a small business owner, or a multi-million dollar corporation, our family will work hard to service and tailor your needs.

We are here to deliver quality, friendly, affordable bookkeeping, state and federal tax services. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term business relationships with our clients. Thus, client satisfaction is our main priority.

Ramirez Accounting Service LLC understands that bookkeeping and tax are complicated areas, so let us be your guide. Our approachable staff can help you with payroll, bookkeeping, sales tax compliance, state and federal tax services, and IRS letters or examinations.

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Rosa Imelda
Ramirez, CPA

Of Mexico

Rosa Imelda Ramirez, the founder of Ramirez Accounting Service LLC, has been working in the field of accounting for more than thirty years. Rosa graduated from The University of Guadalajara in 1984 with a bachelor degree in accounting. After graduating, she was hired as bookkeeper for De La Rosa, a well-known Mexican candy corporation. While working, she pursued her LCP, which is a Certified Public Accountant License in Mexico. After receiving her license, in 1986 she opened a private accounting practice in Mexico, which still operates today. While managing her own accounting practice, Rosa also worked as an internal auditor for Telecable, a local cable company to gain more exposure in the field of accounting.
In 1998, Rosa moved to Austin, Texas to work as an accountant for Omnilife, a dietary supplement corporation. While working as head accountant for Omnilife, she began the process of certification with the Texas State board of Public Accountancy. Through the certification process, she obtained her license to practice as a CPA in Texas. In 2001, Rosa founded Ramirez Accounting Service LLC and has been serving clients since then. Rosa’s passion, experience, and willingness to help others have made Ramirez Accounting Service LLC the preferable choice for all of her clients.


Ruben Dario
Valdes, EA

Ruben Dario Valdés, part owner of Ramirez Accounting Service LLC, has had exposure to the field of tax for nearly ten years. Since 2006, Ruben has been working as a tax preparer for Ramirez Accounting Service LLC with specialization in individual income tax returns. Ruben graduated from University of Texas at San Antonio with a bachelor in science in 2010. After obtaining his degree, Ruben grew interested in expanding his scope of knowledge in taxation. Specifically, he was in pursuit of acquiring the skills and knowledge to prepare business tax returns, and provide aid in tax resolution cases with the IRS.
In efforts to better advise his clients on tax matters, Ruben took a rigorous three-part examine administered by the IRS to become an Enrolled Agent (EA). Enrolled agent status is the highest qualification the IRS awards. Furthermore, as EA, Ruben must adhere to ethical standards, and like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), he has unlimited practice rights. Ruben can represent all taxpayers on any tax matters before the IRS. Since practicing as EA, Ruben has helped our clients relieve thousands of dollars in IRS penalties.



Ramirez Accounting Service LLC Understands that preparing an accurate Individual Income Tax Return is Important to avoid any future complications. It is crucial to take all the correct credits and deductions to calculate the correct tax, understanding this can save you money!

a. Itemize Deductions (Medical Expenses, Property Tax, Mortgage Interest, Donations, Etc.)
b. Education Credit/tuition Fee Deduction (American Opportunity Credit, Lifetime Credit)
c. Foreign Income Exclusion/Credit (Form 2555 & Form 1116
d. IRA distributions/Contributions (Roth & Traditional IRA’s, other retirement plans)
e. Unreimbursed work Related Expenses ( form 2106)
f. Alimony Vs Child Support
g. Health Savings account (Contributions and Qualified Distributions)
h. Residential Energy credit (Credits for purchases or improvements of your home)
i. Earned Income Credit, Child Tax Credit and Personal Exemptions
i. Estimated Tax Payments


Ramirez Accounting Service LLC firmly believes that behind every successful business there is a good accountant. Tax rules and regulations are very strict and we are here to explain the process and responsibilities of every business from sole proprietor to corporations.


a. Responsibilities as an Employer (W-2’s, w-3 Payroll taxes , Etc)
b. Employees Vs Self Employed (Understand the differences)


a. Start up (County Registration, EIN)
b. Business Expenses Vs Personal Expenses
c. Proper Bank Accounts management and Record Keeping


a. Responsibilities of partnerships and Proper Registrations
b. Understanding Federal and State Requirements and Deadlines
c. Partnership Agreements
d. Partner’s basis
e. Proper Bank Accounts management and Record Keeping


a. C-corporations Vs S – Corporation
b. Proper Registration and Elections of entities
c. Understanding Federal and State Requirements and Deadlines
d. Understanding Dividends and Distributions
e. Proper Bank Accounts management and Record Keeping


a. Responsibilities of tax requirements and Deadlines
b. Proper Bank Accounts management and Record Keeping


Ramirez Accounting Service LLC understands that dealing with tax issues may be frustrating and we are here to help.

Common Issues We can help you with:

a. Understanding and responding to IRS letters in a timely manner
b. Penalty abatement
c. Installment Agreement
d. Offer in Compromise (When you Owe an Specific Amount and you have equity to pay)
e. Field/Mail Audit Examinations
f. Trust fund Penalty


a. Notary Public
b. Copies
c. Fax
d. Power of Attorney
e. Foreign travel with a minor
f. Translations (Spanish to English or English to Spanish)

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